For those who know me, a look "under the hood" is a look at a heart that loves deeply and unyieldingly. Having Asperger's syndrome, my emotions and thoughts run both strong and fast and trying to express myself is like trying to boil the ocean. The strength I find behind my quirkiness and frequently-perceived-as-overbearing zeal for Jesus Christ is the limitless desire and will power I feel to never stop trying to keep promises I made with God and form as many close, eternal, deep, powerful, loving relationships as possible. I love people so much, even if I'm not always good at "peopling".

I am a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 2009 I married to the love of my life, Lorraine, who has been to me an unquenchable beacon of faith, strength, purity, fortitude and a love for God that surpasses most in this world. Words cannot express how profoundly she has changed and blessed my life. A complex history with my wife's health problems in a broken health care system, coupled with my Asperger's syndrome difficulties, has resulted in more than 10 years now of unrelenting extreme trial, but God has scattered it all with some pretty monumental spiritual experiences that have given us hope for the future and faith to "press forward with a steadfastness in Christ" to the best of our ability.

I love music and have been playing and writing piano music for about 25 years. Influences in my styles include artists like Jon Schmidt, Beethoven, Sally Deford and BYU Vocal Point.

Marvel nerds rejoice, because I am a huge Marvel fan and my all-time favorite hero is Spider-man because, let's face it, his story and abilities are the best ;)

If you would like to be friends please don't hesitate to contact me.