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The Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal (S.M.I.L.E.) Forum is for the discussion of those who have faith in and are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as those who are sympathetic towards or interested in learning more about the Church with honest intent. More specifically, it's for those who want to more fully immerse themselves in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and feel an unusually strong love for Him and His restored gospel and constantly want to expand their understanding in their minds and hearts about all aspects of the gospel, be it fundamentals or deep spiritual subject matter. Overall, if you are the kind of person who would instantly and unhesitatingly jump at any opportunity to have an edifying gospel discussion and gain spiritual light within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and you rejoice seeking for all of the "mysteries of God shall be[ing] unfolded unto you" (D&C 6:7), this is the place for you.

With that in mind, any conversation that is contentious or encourages contention or unkindness, as per admin discretion, is not welcome. This is a community for people who love each other, want to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and yearn anxiously for the building and establishing of Zion, who desire to see eye to eye and be one in heart and mind.

One of the goals of this forum is to provide a place where people feel safe and are encouraged to talk and collaborate in vulnerable but appropriate terms about honest questions, concerns, special experiences and doctrinal/gospel nuggets. When posting, please seek for the guidance of the Holy Ghost about controversial subject matter and be kind to those who are honestly seeking understanding about complex or complicated circumstances regarding sensitive subjects. No subject is off limits and anyone is welcome to ask hard/deep questions provided they do so with a spirit of total honesty and meekness. Any indications of malicious intent/impure motives may get you banned. I say "may" because we believe in repentance and change.

Lastly, because one of the foremost goals of this forum is to harbor safe discussion and keep out any and all contention, new members are by invitation only. Because this is a place where we want people to feel safe being absolutely open and vulnerable, please do not share any content of anyone's posts without obtaining their explicit permission to do first and when it is appropriate to share. This includes verbally, copying and pasting text or attempting to share links to pages on any other website, especially via email or social media. Please be especially careful with social media (Facebook, Google, etc.) With these guidelines in force, it is of course expected that some very personal and/or spiritual experiences will be shared as the Holy Ghost directs, so please be respectful of the privacy of this forum. We want people to feel safe being as open and honest as possible. If someone gives you permission to share something they have posted, please do not share specifics of the source (this forum) on other websites except to clarify any information about the individual from whom you got permission as far as they have expressly granted you such. This privacy policy is one of the reasons why these forum pages are not listed on the main navigation bar to this website. It may be a good idea to add the main forum page to your browser's favorites bar. For now, I (Paul) will be clearing all new members, but as the forum grows other admins will be assigned and help as needed. Suggestions for the forum are always welcome, even if they are not always applied.

If you can agree to all of these terms, welcome! After you submit your membership request, upon approval the welcome email you will receive has a button that leads you back to this website, but not to this forum. To access this forum from any browser, simply to go www.thatwhichperishethnot.com/forum. Don't forget to fill in your profile and other member information if your request is approved. Side note: if you haven't read John Pontius', Mechelle McDermott's or Hector Sosa's books, it is recommended to give those a read as an added bonus, though it is certainly not required to join this forum. That doesn't mean this is a Forum just for those who have read those kinds of books, just that those who have felt the spiritually freeing power of things discussed therein will likely be able to appreciate the mission and purpose of the Forum. 

To request membership go back to the Forum page, click the Login/Signup button toward the top right corner and click "Sign Up" near the top of the form.

Have a questions about this website? Email thepulsiphyer@gmail.com or fill out this form.

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