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A Year (or more) in Lives

Here's an attempt to catch everyone up a little bit.

Since the miraculous circumstances of our temple sealing in May 2020 we have enjoyed learning and growing our marriage and home together.

Key Events:

May 2020 - Moved to South Provo

Main room, leading to the kitchen, leading to the bedroom.

July 2020 - We had a great time with cousins, aunts and uncles and grandma and grandpa at the lake at Deer Creek near Provo Canyon. (below)

November 2020 (Thanksgiving weekend) - Made a fun trip to the Black Canyon while visiting Paul's Parents

Decemeber 2020 - Fun Christmas at Mom and Dad Pulsipher's

Early January 2021 - After a beautiful experience during Christmas at Paul's Parent's house with a positive pregnancy test, it was difficult to process a miscarriage of that child a week later. It was kind of weird at first processing all the feels because Collette was far enough along for there to be anything to bury during post miscarriage remnants.

End of January - Paul quit his job as a CNA and got hired quickly at Action Target, a steel warehouse and global corporation that manufactures products for shooting ranges used at gun shops and for police and military training all over the world. We quickly went from the paint department to buffing and within a month or two was asked to fill a missing position as a Burn Table Operator, using plasma torches to cut out the steel parts to be sent off to other departments.

These are some of the parts as a finished products at the Ready Gunner Shooting range (above)

Various times - Some special podcast guests we had on Stepping Into Freedom

Portia Louder from Season2 Episode 21

Jozet Richardson Hulley from Season 2 Episode 17

Jack R. Christianson from Season 2 Episode 15 with our Cohost Jessica Sellers

Jilly Simmons from Season 2 Episode 25 (also soon to be on Season 3 Episode 8!)

C David Belt from the Tabernacle Choir, Season 2 Episode 14

Fun dinner with Collette's family over their spring break

Weekend of May 22 - Anniversary trip up to Idaho, got to see her Mission President and Wife and go to the Civil Defense Caves near Ashton and took a quick fun Saturday Morning jaunt over to Jackson Wyoming, you can tell we totally put on our tourist faces.

Collette's cousin Keira and her daughter

Lunch Saturday at O'Rourke's in Driggs Idaho

Following (below) more of Collette's childhood friends and guests at our anniversary party

(below) At the top of the Jackson Pass going over the Tetons

Jackson Wyoming

Civil Defense Caves

May 25, 2021 - Found out we were pregnant again and Paul even got a few of the guys at Action Target excited for him upon showing them the picture of the ClearBlue test. Collette's colleagues were also excited and we felt more safe getting started with baby plans.

June 9, 2021 - Another disappointment with second miscarriage, this time with more to bury since Collette was 8 weeks along.

This is Paul burying the box with our little one out at Bridal Veil Falls.

June 19, 2021 - Another test of faith came when Collette's beloved Grandpa passed away. We got news of it right as sacrament meeting was about to start in our ward. Here are some photos of our trip up to the funeral the following weekend.

The procession line at the funeral

Pulling out the coffin at the gravesite

Collette's Grandpa Dale was a veteran so it was special with seats lined up at the casket for family members to be given the flag.

The 21 gun salute -------------------------------- (above)

Collette's dad playing taps

Young Dale Marcum with David O. McKay

Going through Grandpa's stuff.

Left to right - Aunt Mary, Mom, Paige, Casey (white shirt), Sydney Grandma Marcum, Alex (in red), Grandpa Marcum, Adele, Cari-ann, Dad (Collette was on her mission to Rapid City, SD at this time)

Also June, 2021 - Shooting Range Trip with our cousin Julie at Ready Gunner. Got to try out a Cobalt Kinetic

July 23, 2021 - We were invited to be at the Payson Temple for our friend Jilly's endowment and happened to meet Sister Joy D. Jones when we were leaving!

July 26, 2021 - Birthday trip for Collette to the Aquarium in Draper, had a great time :)

August 4, 2021 - Met a childhood friend of Paul's at Ken Garff car dealership who helped us by Bridgette, our 2015 Buick Encore.

---Paul also quit his job at Action Target because of several promptings from the Holy Ghost and begin driving for Uber and Lyft instead a few days later.---

Birthday trip for Paul to Lagoon in Farmington

Labor day trip to Paul's Parents place and fun with shooting. Paul had won a duelling tree from his job at Action Target and we all enjoyed improving our aim with it.

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