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W Paul Pulsipher
 Pianist, Composer,  Arranger,
and Producer

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"Anyone who hires him, is learning from and listening to a pro! I also love his music on iTunes! He is very dedicated and detailed-conscious."
-Julie Hatch

"Great musician!  Excellent accompanist.  Listens to the performer and goes with their changes and needs.  Super soloist. Has no problems with intricate and fast music—in fact, he enjoys the challenge."

-Melanie Van De Graaff

"There is something for everybody on [his album, Seeking For the Savior]. From piano to vocal it is very uplifting and gives you a mix of the old and the new... I highly recommend him doing more music collaborations and producing more positive contact for the world to have. He reminds me of a mix between inspirational singer Kenneth Cope and also the group Owl City. You can tell he cares about the pioneer heritage many have by his choice of subject and delivery. Simply enjoyable."
-Yahosh Bonner


Paul Pulsipher is a pianist on a pilgrimage. His journey from addiction to freedom includes a quest to see how many surprising musical sounds you can make with a piano. With the exception of the vocals, and a guitar and a cello on one song, every sound on his self-produced 12 song album, [Seeking For The Savior], was made by a piano. Some of those sounds have been reversed, revised, twisted and transformed substantially; yet they all have been made to serve Paul’s telling of his personal pilgrimage. Paul’s wife, Collette adds angelic vocals on some of the stories that Paul sings. And his stories are compelling. To me, standouts are “Be Not Afraid“, “Because of Gethsemane“, Holy Healing”, and “Set Me Free”.
Join Paul on his pilgrimage. He is a trustworthy guide."

-Clive Romney

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